Even a Canon Camera Can Drown

Just a tip. Don’t carry your camera in watercraft that can potentially capsize with minimal warning. It’s just not a great idea. I’ve never done it. Thankfully! The reason I’m saying that? A photographer buddy of mine did it. He drowned his 7D, and expensive lens. Needless to say, he isn’t happy, nor is he financially ahead for the experience. Don’t drown a canon. Drown a Nikon if you want to, but it’s just a waste to drown your Canon.

I should add: That isn’t his camera. I just used these photos to strike fear into the would be canon drowners. That camera doesn’t look nice like that, and neither will yours. Just saying.

Devastating Desert Storm

Monday night we had a violent thunderstorm hit our house. We sustained winds of 72 miles per hour. The storm blew down three of our trees. Mutilated several more and smashed our garage door. It took my dog kennel and threw it about thirty feet before it caught on our wall and saved us from more damage!

Later that night I began to notice the lightning! I got in our car and began driving around looking for a saguaro cactus to silhouette in a lighting bolt. Seeing as it was the middle of the night I had no success in that regard. Then I noticed that the lights of a roundabout I passed through were off which provided me with a photographic opportunity! I grabbed for it! I set up my gear and started shooting using my phone for a remote shutter release! I was down in a ditch right beside the round about and every time a car would come around the round about it’s lights would blare on me and the driver would gun the engine like he was scared. I just knew I looked a sight! I started to think what I really looked like standing there. OK so we’re coming around this round about and our lights illuminate “A figure”! This figure is only visible from the waist up. He has a black instrument with a little orange light occasionally blinking thereon on a stand in front of him. He is holding his had over the front the little box. probably to block the sensor on a light activated ray gun or otherwise dangerous piece of equipment. In his other hand he is holding an illuminated square. who knows what that is! The best thing I could think they were thinking would be something like “Yikes”! Then I was made aware that what some people where thinking wasnt “yikes”! I heard a car coming from the opposite side of the roundabout where the lights didn’t blare on me. I heard a voice from inside it yelling. I went something like this. “That person scared the ***** (a word I never heard before and won’t repeat) out of me”! The voice sounded angry. The voice sounded mean! I Just knew this was the end of my life. The vehicle started to careen around the round about. (Now remember we just had a huge rain storm! In ditches that means nice dry dirt right? WRONG! It means mud!!) I grabbed my camera and myself and layed both of them down in the ditch as flat as I could! The guys in the car didn’t see me, but that was ok! I picked up me and my stuff and went home! I got one photograph out of the deal and as far as I can tell it was worth it!

Alamo Lake Slot Canyon

Last weekend I and several of my buddies went on a desert drive. This time we were looking for a little known slot canyon in the vicinity of Alamo lake in Arizona. Well after driving around for several hours we finally found what we were looking for. They were really cool and I want to go back and re-shoot it. It was probably about two o’clock which as you can see pretty much ruined my photos. Also to top it all off I had this splitting headache so as you can imagine that kinda killed my photography desires…